Do You Really Care?

November 10, 2020

People often don't think about care as it comes to politics, they're not engaged with an idea of care. They're thinking more about policies, they're thinking more about political parties. Care is often left behind in the voting process.

Throughout all of Scripture, we have hundreds of verses on caring for other people, caring for our neighbors, caring for the poor, caring for the marginalized, caring for the immigrant and the alien, caring for the sick, and the widow.

Over and over again, Jesus talks about caring for so many different groups of people, even caring for those who are of different nationalities. Scripture also talks about caring for creation. In fact, in our Genesis story, the biggest task for Adam and Eve is to care for creation and to be fruitful and multiply.

How is my voting caring for people?

When we actually go to the polls as Christians, one of the things that we have to ask ourselves Is, "how is my voting caring for other people?" And there can't be one specific thing that is the one thing we care about.

If we as Christians think about care in one way, that we can only vote if someone's going to care about one issue that's going to help one group of people, then I have automatically recognized other people groups as less important. That the rest of these people groups, the widow, orphan, creation, and everything else, mean less. That way of thinking just isn't in line with what we read in scripture.

We, as Christians, can't actually create a hierarchy of care. We can't say, "here's who deserves the most and here's who deserves the least", they all, as in the eyes of Jesus, are the most cared for.

So I encourage you as you're reading the scripture for today's challenge, to not only think about one area of care, but in light of all areas of care. Are we voting in a way in which we are caring for as many people groups as possible? And as the kingdom of God is established in our own churches and our own spheres, are we also caring for people the best way we can in our political life as well?

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