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Whether it’s your first time, first time in a long time, or the 100th time…
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We believe this could be your year
Understanding the Bible for yourself starts with READING the Bible for yourself.
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Your reading plan
Our plan is designed to help you finish reading the Bible this year, not just start.
Work your way through the Bible one book at a time starting in Luke and ending in 2 Chronicles.

This plan is great for:
People who tried reading the entire Bible, but made the mistake of starting in Genesis and never made it out of Exodus.

Why not just start in Genesis?
Because it is one of the longest and most difficult books of the Bible to read. Luke is way easier.

Who created this plan?
Manny Arango. You can file official complaints via Instagram: @mannyarango
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Work your way through both the Old Testament and New Testament at the same time.

This plan is great for:
Those who enjoy movie spoilers
The ADHD adjacent
The ones that thrive in chaos

Why not read book-by-book?
Because the OT is like strong coffee, and some people need a little cream and sugar (AKA the NT).

Who created this plan?
Aaron Ross. He's awesome, you should follow him: @aaron_ross
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We're excited for you to start this journey and truly believe it will transform your life.
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